Car Air Conditioning Re-gas Brisbane

Car Air Conditioning Re-gas Services in Brisbane Northside by the Pros (AU43227)

All of us intend to have a comfortable ride with our car every time we step out. The air conditioning system is what increases the comfort level especially when it is sweltering hot outside. With regular use, the unit is often known to dysfunction and thus allowing you to pay attention to it.

Here are some warning signs that would allow you to know that your car air conditioning system needs attention from the experts:

  • You step in, and the car doesn’t feel cold enough
  • The existence of a pungent or musty smell in the car after the unit is switched on.
  • Unpleasant sounds from the air conditioning system when turned on
  • You witness excessive moisture formation in the glass windows on the insides

The Services That We Provide:

At the end of everything, your car is a machine that functions on a set mechanism and is often in need of servicing every once in a while. When such tasks are taken up, the air conditioning system is often ignored, and that is when Big AL’s Mobile Mechanics comes to your rescue when you detect problems for your car’s cooling system.

When it comes to providing effective servicing for the air conditioning unit, Big AL’s Mobile Mechanics will help you with these services that are performed by the experts.

  • Convenient mobile car air conditioning at your doorstep at home or work with no added cost
  • Expert hands with numerous years of experience in handling car air-conditioner units and its repairs.
  • Intricate and thorough testing of the vehicle air conditioner, detection of the problems that the car faces and analysing how the right solution can be brought out.
  • We help you with a detailed document stating the issues that the car is facing and accordingly put out the repair options for you.
  • We help with fitting genuine parts and fixtures for the damaged air-conditioning unit of your car that would ensure better longevity.
  • We repair and re-gas your car air conditioner despite the model that you own as we cater almost all makes and models.

We are known to house a team of expert mechanics for repair and car air conditioning re-gas in Brisbane Northside who ensure that your car is brought back to normal while ensuring that you receive the best cooling. We understand the tight schedules that most of our clients lead, and therefore, we come up with mobile services where we come to your car and perform the same level of servicing that we would do at our workplace.

Self Care Tips:

1.Consider making use of the air conditioner during the winter months every once in a while. This allows it to be in function and not keep the compressor idle.

2.Do not re-gas the unit until you receive expert attention as you would be wasting money in doing so if there is any leakage found in the system.

3.If planning for a long distance trip, ensure that the air conditioner is checked well and the necessary repair and replacements are made beforehand.

4.The moment you find something unusual with the cooling system, avail expert help and not try out DIY tasks on it.